Whats going on?I think i might be having a misscaraige

Patient: Think i might be having a miscarriage. about 7 months ago something happened were i might have gotten pregnant. i take bc since 8th grade so my period last 4 days max 2 tampons a day. i have been using 8. my back is also buging me and there is dark read stingish things coming out

Symptoms: Really bad period type symptomes. back also hurts and i use about 8 tampons aday not normal for me i usually only need 2

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.While using birth control pills some amount of irregularity in withdrawal bleeding can be seen.Missing the pill and altering the time of intake can also affect this flow by affecting gonadal hormonal levels.Seven months pregnancy can be noticeable per abdomen and well-formed fetus can be seen in ultrasound.So, please go for ultrasound to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.If ultrasound rules out the possibility of pregnancy, you can take antifibrinolytic tablets or additional dose of hormones to control the bleeding with your doctor’s advice.And can continue pills as per the schedule.Take care.