Whats wrong with me

Patient: If I’m not pregnant what else could of be causing all these symptoms??

Symptoms: so ok about a month ago me and my man “did the dirty” two and three days before my period (which was lighter and shorter then normal) we also did it do days after. then a week later I noticed I had really bad stomach cramps that felt like gas moving I was also nauseated really bad I blow it off as a stomach bug. at the end of the week I got hot flashes where I was running 96% but feet like I had a fever. I slept with an ice pack I was so hot. the next week I still had stomach cramps like I had been working my abs out and my nipples were really sore and itchy. I thought then that I may be pregnant, but it was to soon to tell. then last week, week three I was super thirsty breast sore on and off; and have grown some in size(bras don’t fit right anymore) nauseated off and on always hungry and peeing every time I stood up. the problem is I started bleeding today which is on time to my period.