Whats wrong with me cold or flue or n1h1

Patient: I went to the er twice now and the first time it was cause my eye got red under the lid and the top lid also but not the whole eye it was swelled and hurt to touch and they gave me some medicine and said it was just irritated but its spread to my other eye now and then my throat was red and tonsils was swelled strep came back negative and so did mono and not every time I swallow my ears and the back of my head hurts so bad I cant sleep. and back in December I had the throat thing and it was tonsillitis and the meds they gave me worked and they gave me the same thing but it doesn’t seem like its working and a couple times I have had fast breathing or like I cant catch my breath and I had the runs for a full day that wouldn’t go away what’s wrong with me I never felt this way before Im scared and I don’t want to go to the er for a 3rd time

Symptoms: sore throat, hurts when I swallow, my head hurts when I swallow, red swollen eyes, tiredness, fast breathing or hard to catch my breath