Whats wrong with my back?

Patient: So my back has been hurting for about 9 weeks now. On the 7th week I went for an xray and about a week later my doctor called my m and said I have mild scoliosis. He didn’t seem to concerned about it and all he said was to look into physical therapy. Well since then my back has probably been getting worse and still hurts. Is it normal for mild scoliosis to hurt so much?! If so what can I do to lessen it because I’m losing sleep and that’s lessening my focus in school. Also what do in gym class because doing gym is killing me but my doctor didn’t say anything about not doing it but I always have to leave to go to the bathroom to cry because it hurts so much! Someone please help me!!

Symptoms: Bad back pain

Doctor: Thank you for you question. Yes, even mild scoliosis can produce a lot of pain. When there is an abnormal curvature of t he spine it can place undue stress on the muscles and nerves of the back and spinal cord leading to excessive pain. It would be best to report your current symptoms to your doctor to undergo a full evaluation of your pain to determine if you require further treatment physiotherapy and stronger analgesic medication.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com