What’s wrong with my lower back?

Patient: My back usually hurts at least every other day and when i have dance the pain is absolutely unbearable but it’s my passion! I went to a naturopath doctor who said that when my spine moves there is one part that doesn’t want to move along with everything else?!?! She confused me what’s wrong with my back and is this why my lower back is in so much pain???

Doctor: I understand you concern and worry. However there could be many things which may be the possible reason for your pain. I t may be due to over exertion and muscular fatigue or strain leading to back pain or it could be intrinsic bone issues or scoliosis which need to be ruled out. I advice you to see your GP just for a physical examination of the back which is needed to reach the final diagnosis.In the mean time decrease you dancing and you could try some hot compress to the area that is painfull and see if it helps. All the best.