Wheezing..Medicine enquiry

Patient: My name is Hari. I had breathing problems and i started using levolin rotacaps 100. When i felt i want to cure it at the earliest I started having foracort rotacaps 400. Now I have been using this for a while(3+ years) and atleast once or sometimes twice a day. But i dont have much of breathing trouble now except after some physical exercise. Could you please suggest me can I stop this medicine or move to some other medicine? I still have some wheezing issues. So i make sure to have the medicine before I go to gym.

Symptoms: Breathing issue. Wheezing

Doctor: After analysing your case i believe you should not stop the medications because it may exacerbate your breathing difficu lty. Since you have a good control of wheezing and not much of breathing difficulty you continue the same medications. But you mentioned with physical exercise you experience some wheezing issues. I would suggest you to consult a physician because it needs more work up and probably he might recommend you some pulmonary fuction tests and he also may consider adding some new drugs.