When can I test for pregnancy?

Patient: I think I may be pregnant. But it kind of seems impossible. 7 days ago, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, using the pullout method. However, about 4 days later I began feeling quite obviously nauseous. I never feel this way, but I just chose to ignore it as a “one off”. The following day, I began feeling slight cramps in the lower abdomen, only very mildly similar to period cramps. The following day, I began feeling gassy and hungry, even after eating. The nauseous and cramping still remained. Then, yesterday, I found a brown discharge. It was obvious and the was only a small amount, but enough to raise concerns.It has carried on today but seems to be stopping, really. Today, though, I’ve noticed a slight backache; again, it nothing bad, but it’s there. Also, I’m feeling so hungry even after having eaten a big meal.I know that changes in breasts are also an early symptom, however I haven’t experienced any changes in mine, except that hurt slightly for only a very brief amount of time this morning, but nothing really worth noting.But what seems to make this whole “pregnancy” thing impossible is the fact that I’m expecting my period in the next 2+ weeks and I’ve read that it’s best to wait until the day of my missed period. I’ve also read that these symptoms should occur within the few days leading up to your period, however this is not the case with my situation as it is too early on in the month for my period to be arriving.2 weeks is also way too long for me to wait. I really would like to know now.Any reassurance? Tips? Is it too soon to take a pregnancy test even if I wait 4 more days?

Symptoms: Brown discharge, hunger, tiredness, gas, nausea, cramping, backache.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If unprotected intercourse occurred around the time of ovula tion there is some possibility for pregnancy.Usually in case of regular 30 days cycle, ovulation occurs in between 14th to 18th day.According to your history possibly you might have had unprotected intercourse in the first week of your menstrual cycle.In that case the possibility of pregnancy is less.The brownish discharge you got could be ovulation bleeding or postcoital spotting due to local causes like old abrasions, cervical erosion etc.During ovulation also few symptoms like pain abdomen, backache etc can be seen which can also occur during early pregnancy or in premenstrual phase.So, to get accurate result better to wait till your expected date of periods.If you choose blood test for pregnancy, you can do the test on that day.If you want to go for urine test for pregnancy, better to wait for one week after missed period and do the test.Take care.