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When I bend down, kneel or put any pressure on

Patient: When I bend down, kneel or put any pressure on my knee I get a burning ripping kind of pain. It hurts to touch it but is not swollen nor is there any discoloration.



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query at ATD.Burning sensation over the knee area can be due to various causes such as:-Osteoarthritis-Chondromalacia patellae-Ligament injuries-Cartilage tear-Iliotibial band syndrome-Patellar tendinitis-Disc herniation-Peripheral neuropathy-Inflammation due to infectionTo evaluate the cause among the above mentioned conditions few important questions are required to be answered.1) What is your age group?2) Which part of your knee is painful?3) Has there been any recent change in your activity?4) What are the aggravating and relieving factors for pain apart from touching the knee?5) Do you regularly or occasionally go for sports or athletic activities?6) Do you have any other preexisting spinal, knee condition, diabetes etc?Kindly follow up with answers to these questions.Feel free to discuss further.Regards



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Patient: I am 45 years old. The pain is one the right knee on the right side all along the knee cap. It have been this way for about 2 weeks. It started when I was getting into bed one night. It hurts when I bend down low, go down stairs or kneel on the knee. I do not participate in any sports or have done anything unusual lately. I do suffer from lower back pain, chronically for over a year now. I have tried wearing a soft knee brace, and anti inflammatory. I am currently taking lorazepam 3mg and gabapentin 300 mg per day.

Doctor: Hello
The condition most likely seems to be osteoarthritis, neuropathy.
If the pain is restricted to knee joint only with no radiation of pain from lower back to knee, then osteoarthritis is the most probable diagnosis.
Xray will be required for the confirmation of your condition.
Treatment of osteoarthritis depends upon on the severity of disease as seen on xray.
The treatment involves quadriceps exercises, use of knee caps, tablet calcium 1tablet 500mg daily, if there is Vitamin D deficiency then it is to be taken along with it. Vitamin supplements containing Vitamin B12 are also indicated along with Diacerin 50mg tablet twice a day.
Some preparation of rose hip extracts are also available but my experience with its use is limited.
Feel free to discuss further.


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