When I ejaculate it is red in color

Patient: My girlfriend sucked my penis a few days ago while she was sick and now every time I cum it is a reddish color what’s wrong and what should I do ?

Symptoms: Redish cum

Doctor: Reddish color indicates the possibility of presence of blood cells in the semen. Seminal fluid finds it way out of the b ody through passages that transports urine also. Infections in any of the concerned tubes or organs may cause ulceration and bleeding that may be mixed with semen. Pain should be a symptoms in most cases of trauma, where bleeding is also common. Painless bleeding through the urinary tract may be caused by some systemic illnesses that demand detailed physicals and investigations administered by a trained medical personnel. Testing seminal fluid, blood and urine may be necessary for correct diagnosis to ascertain the cause of bleeding.Please consult your family physician for help.