When I get hot, for example if I have a shower

Patient: When I get hot, for example if I have a shower, bath, room temperature is hot or a hot coffee, I get a sudden feeling all over my body. It’s not itchy as such more like a prickly sensation. I do come out in a small rash, usually on my wrists. It’s unbareable. The rash and the sensation disappears soon as I cool down.

When I get hot, for example...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate query.The history is suggestive that you have got a histamine release in response to all the factors you noted.The excessive histamine release also causes the warmth, sometimes perceived as fever.This is just an overactive sympathetic system ( part of the Autonomous nervous system).I would advise you the following:- Continue the antihistamine as before.- To find the cause of the problems you may need a consultation of a Neurologist, Get MRI of the base of the neck for sympathetic nerve chains to see there is a tumor or something. This needs a detailed history taking, clinical evaluation, investigations to see if there are tumors producing such responses.This will be a tedious job but persistence will definitely lead to a possible diagnosis and treatment and may be the curative one.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper discussion with your Doctors to come to a diagnosis and proper treatment