When I go to the restroom it hurts to urinate

Patient: When I go to the restroom it doesn’t hurt to urinate until the last bit comes out then its a horrible pain as if something is gonna cave in the pain last for about twenty minutes after I use the restroom then subsides. Now I feel the pain and I don’t have to go to the RR. My insides are very red instead of the usual pink and I’m not sexually active with a man

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.From the symptoms you have described, it looks like that you are having a problem of ur inary tract infection or urethritis.It can also be a kidney stone or pyelonephritis, an infection in the kidneys. Kindly consult a Urologist for an examination. Tests for blood and urine, blood sugars and an ultrasound with kidney function tests may be suggested. In case of stones, stenting procedures could be an option. Meanwhile, drink lots of water and cranberry juice daily. Avoid spicy food and smoking. Reduce stress.Hope this helped.Regards