When I move my foot a certain way it feels

Patient: When I move my foot a certain way it feels like the muscle under my ankle bone rips. It’s been going on for about a month. What causes this?

Doctor: HI.Read and understood your concerns.There is a feeling that the muscle under the ankle bone rips if you move you r foot in a certain way, and this is going on for a month.The probable causes are:Tenosynovitis / calcaneal spur meaning extra growth of bone/ fascitis means inflammation of fascia.This can be diagnosed on clinical evaluation by an Orthopedic Surgeon and X-rays.The treatment comprises of the following:- Hot fomentation under the saturated saline warm water – twice daily.- Anti-inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen.- If you are not diabetic local steroid injections or orally may be greatly beneficial.- Rest of the treatment as per the findings.I hope this helps you.