When I run, go up the stairs or just get up, leg freeze up and i feel like paralyzed.

Patient: When I run, go up the stairs or just get up after sitting for a while my legs freeze up and I feel like I’m paralyzed. I am 14 and this has been going on my while life. Sometimes I collapse because I I freeze. People think I’m lazy but I’m not. They judge me because they can’t see it. Please help. Do you know what it could be?

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for your query.It seems you are getting paralytic attacks or seizures while running. In some people, too much activity or stress like running can lead to seizures. I recommend that you consult a Neurologist to help reach a Diagnosis.Seizures can be Complete or Partial. If you are getting frozen only in your legs, then the seizures are partial. Also, the seizures seem to be tonic rather than rapid jerky movements of the body.Conversely, you may also be having Calcium or Vitamin deficiency which can present in the same way. I hope this helps you.