When i was younger I had to get stitches in

Patient: When i was younger I had to get stitches in my leg 36 of them 15 in and 15 out. We’ll I have this big scar. Like a month ago I bit it really hard at work right on the scar and now there is a lump that is tender..It is still there will it go away I feel like it’s getting bigger

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your history.Noted that you have a bod scar on the leg and there was a trauma on the scar about a m onth when at work.That now there is a lump on the scar at that particular place, that is tender. Worried if it will go away as you are feeling that it is getting bigger.From your history it looks that a part of the scar I getting hypertrophied due to trauma.This is not a good sign and needs a closer look by a General Surgeon and needs excision biopsy to rule out any cancer development, although this is rare.Hope this helps you.