When Ill be able for a reconsturctive surgery

Patient: HiI had a tumor on left ala of nose which was removed 6 weeks before … I am having a big scar on nose and upper lip area , the lip is pulled a little upwards , & the shape of left alar of nose is changed because of facial surgery .I am really upset with this new change of my nose as both sides shape is not same anymore .I want to know when it will be possible to have a reconstructive surgery ?And will it be possible in 1 surgery to reconstruct nose left ala , scar removal & lip to get back on its original shape ?The area around the incision is very hard … Will massaging the hard area help to bring my lip down ?? As doctor said these are the tissues taking time to adjust at that area .

Doctor: Thank you for your question.I am sorry to hear about your poor experience. Following cancer resection, the nasal al a and the upper lip can be reconstructed with local flaps (rearranging tissue in the area). This is a very successful and common reconstruction that all board certified plastic surgeons are well versed in. If you are unhappy with your current doctor, You should make an appointment to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can go through all the options with you. For the nasal ala, depending on the size and exact location of the defect, either a bilobed flap, nasolabial flap or forehead flap can be used. For the upper lip, local tissue rearrangement flaps including transposition and rotation flaps are often used to reconstruct this anatomical zone.There are many options and you should see a plastic surgeon to discuss the ones right for you.