When is an appropriate time?

Patient: I am Seventeen, It’s been one week since I had unprotected sex and my boyfriend came inside me. When can I take a Pregnancy test? I was supposed to have my period two days ago. I’m scared to death, neither of our parents know. We want to wait until we actually know, but I’m not sure when I can take it. Is it too early?

Symptoms: Nausea

Doctor: Hello,If you have had unprotected sex and he has ejaculated inside then the chances of pregnancy are possible. The b est time to check for pregnancy would be 7 days after the missed period date , with a urine pregnancy kit. However , if needed a serum beta hcg test can be done sooner to look for raised levels of hcg which can confirm pregnancy. Else you may wait for 5 more days and if the periods don’t resume , do perform the urine pregnancy test.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health ,regards