When my sugar is low I experience exaggerated movements Why

Patient: When my sugar is low I experience exaggerated movements. Why

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.When our sugar levels are slow, there’ s some disturbance in the electrolyte balance in our body, that causes various neurological issues like exaggerated movements/ giddiness/ vasovagal episode,e.t.cWhy does you sugar levels go so low?Are you on and medication?Feel free to discuss further.

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Patient: I’ve been a diabetic 40yrs this is something new as low sugar symptoms. It’s scary. Never had this reaction before

Doctor: By low what has the sugar level?
How are you finding the sugar level?
Also what are the medicines that you are taking?

Patient: Bar easing 49 using accuchek plus meter. Meds lantus and gabapentin

Doctor: Okay when were you diagnosed with Diabetes? Have you ever used insulin?

Patient: 40 yrs ago, lantus & novolog

Doctor: Okay we definitely would need to modify your insulin dosage. Because a sugar level of 49 can be dangerous. Secondly can you get a C peptide test done and follow up?

Patient: Ok thank you very much

Patient: I will check with my doctor and also let him read this for review. Thank you once again

Doctor: Yes, please do.
I once again reiterate, that hypoglycemia is more dangerous than Hyperglycemia.