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When my sugar is low I get exaggerated movements This

Patient: When my sugar is low I get exaggerated movements. This has happened 3 times now Why?



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of exaggerated movements when the blood sugar level is low, this happene d three times now – wants to know why.The possible explanations are as follows:When the blood glucose falls, the body responds by numerous neurohumoral responses. Neuro means neurological and Humoral means hormonal.All these responses are meant for the body to trigger the mechanism of gluconeogenesis, means forming the glucose to combat hypoglycemia and to supply the brain sufficient glucose for its optimal functions.The cascade of neurohumoral changes also affects the motor system causing the exaggerated movement.I hope this simplifies the cause of exaggerated movements when the blood glucose falls.Please give details about the exact symptoms that you are having so that we can discuss further.



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Patient: I’ve been a diabetic 40 yrs and never had this kind of symptoms. I get combative and my jaw juts to the side and arms and legs do the same while I’m walking. Very scary

Doctor: Also get the serum Electrolytes and calcium values. These may be deranged at that time.
An opinion of a Doctor, preferably a Neurologist can be of further help by clinical evaluation and examination.
You need to be examined during such changes, hence you may please rush to ER during the next attack.
Maintain normal blood glucose levels stringently.
How much were the blood sugar levels during such symptoms?

Patient: They range from 49 to 65 when this happens

Doctor: This means you have to get new dose schedule for medicines for diabetes so that the sugar does not fall to these levels at all.
Consult your Doctor/ Diabetologist for adjustment of dosages .

Patient: Ok thank you very much

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation and you are most welcome:
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