When should I take a pregnancy test?

Patient: My period is very off… I missed 2 periods and then had 2 very short spotty periods and now I just got an early full period. I am on BC pills, and took 2 tests when i skipped periods but both were negative. I want to take another pregnancy test, but I have lost track of when my period should start for an accurate reading. When should I test?

Symptoms: Off-track menstrual cycle.

Doctor: Having a period regularly and yet being pregnant is really very unlikely. Moreover if you are not even having pregnancy symptoms and are on birth control, then you should not be worried.You did the right thing by taking the pregnancy tests. They are almost 99% accurate in detecting a pregnancy after a missed period. If you are worried because of the short periods you had in the last 2 cycles, then please note that light spotting or missing periods is normal while being on birth control pills. Still if you want to reconfirm, take the urine test on any day you feel like and I can almost bet that it will still be negative.Hope this makes you feel better. If your anxiety continues, just visit a doctor and get yourself examined. After a pelvic examination and blood tests, the doctor will be able to allay your fears for sure.