When Surgery is a treatment option for Morton neuroma?

Patient: I have morton neuroma in one foot and another beginning on the other foot I am waiting to see a surgeon have been waitingfor 8 months ….what are the dangers of the long wait program

Doctor: Well, Morton’s Neuroma is not a true neuroma, it is a growth secondary to repetitive nerve irritation.While you wait f for surgery, conservative treatment would be as follows: try to wear soft-soled shoes with a wide toe box and low heel,  altering the alignment and elevation of the metatarsal heads which is achieved by wearing a plantar pad. This prevents more compression and irritation of the digital nerve. Also a physical therapy program can be beneficial and may include: local cold packs, ultrasound, deep tissue massage, and stretching exercises.In the case that all of the above do not work for you, and you have increasing pain with or without cramping, then, surgery might be considered.