When to do Pregnancy Test

Patient: Hi. I last had intercourse with my husband on the 12th feb during my fertile period. The last couple of days i have been experiencing dizziness and a feeling of light headed more so when i move or stand up. I do not usually suffer from this. i have aslo had slight twinges in the stomach, and have severe moodyness. should i wait untill my period due date which is the 26th to do a pregnancie test, as It will be my first time and am un sure if this is a sigh on pregnancie.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Home pregnancy tests pick up levels of B hcg in the urine to show positive or negative res ults.While many home pregnancy tests may be able to detect low levels of bhcg a few days before your period is due there is a chance that it may not be as accurate.The best and most accurate time to conduct a home pregnancy test is a few days (4-7) after a missed period. Thus impying that a negative test early on may not necessarily mean that there is no pregnancy and may just indicate that the level of hcg is not high enough to be detected. The symptoms that you are experiencing may be due to pregnancy along with other symptoms like breast tenderness etc. However it could be due to other conditions and if they persist I would recommend you to see you family physician. You could conduct the test before your period due date but i would suggest repeating it after your definite missed period. Wish you all the best.