When to start taking first birth control pill

Patient: I am 16 and have just been prescribed Yasmin by my GP to help treat acne. I am not due to start taking it until the first day of my period but i was wondering if there was any way of taking it earlier and skipping that period. I have an important event the day after my period is due and would like to skip this period.

Doctor: I understand your concern about starting Yazmin. Surely the reason why is recommended to be started at the first day of your next cycle is because firstly we want to make sure that the patient is not pregnant. Secondly that day would be more comfortable to remember and comply with your pills. It would also prevent any changes in your period or Abnormal spotting in the middle of your cycles.It would be better to start in the first day of your next period but if you cant, you might want to start a few days before at least. I wish you the best.