When to take a shower after workout if i don’t cool down

Patient: Hello doctor! I workout every morning. I used to take a shower immediately after workout. But i heard it’s bad and o should cool down first before i ever take a shower (esp a cold water). But what if i don’t cool down? When can i take a shower then? How long should i wait? Will it take an hour?

Doctor: Cold water shower after workout is always a debatable question. Warm water shower helps to soothe muscle aches, whereas cold water shower reduces heart rate and recirculates blood to reduce lactic acid in muscles which help in reducing recovery time. Moreover cold water shower reduces inflamation due to heavy workout or any muscle fiber strain or tear. In general warm water shower is preferred for person who workout moderately, whereas cold water showers are preferred for persons who workout heavily and for athletes. So choose depending upon the workout level and both warm water and cold water are equally advantageous.