When will the first period start?

Patient: I am confussed about when i am going to have my first period. I have had discharge for a few years yellow one year and white dryish discharge for a year to this is my second year somtimes i get a mucas discharge wich is clear ive had vagina hairs for two years long dark black and curled at the ends and have got breast buds and they are beginging to grow ive had spotting aswell and craving for foods heart burn and my bladder has played up

Doctor: Most girls will experience their first periods within about a year after beginning their growth spurt. Puberty starts wh en extra amounts of chemicals called hormones start to be produced in the body. These hormones guide the changes that take place in the body. As well as causing physical changes these hormones also cause emotional changes. Most girls will have their first period between the ages of 11 and 14. But some girls will start as early as 8, whilst others may be as late as 17. Some girls get a white stain in their underwear before they have their first period, and this means that they may start getting periods soon. But it is difficult to know when a girl’s first period will happen because everyone is different.