Which Vaccination? Rabipur or Merieux?

Patient: I am from Australia and am travelling to Mexico and Central America for a tour and then for some volunteering with animals (for 6 and a half weeks) I want to have the three vaccinations for Rabies as I will be working with animals at any chance that I get. My GP gave me a script to get the three injections with rabipur and I visited a travel doctor and he gave me a script for the three injections with Merieux. The Rabipur will be $98 for each three shots ($294 total) but the Merieux would be $130 for each shot ($390 total). I of course want to save money, but if Merieux is a better vaccination then I would be happy to have this vaccination. Which vaccination would you recommend? Is one particularly better than the other? I’m not allergic to anything that I’m aware of. Which vaccine is recommended? Thanks, Krista (Australia).

Doctor: Both vaccines are highly reliable to protect you against Rabies if correctly administered.Ceratinly Rabipur, a vaccine propagated on chick embryo fibroblasts is significantly more economical to be produced. It has proven to be an excellent vaccine. This approach combines economy of vaccine with increased safety of treatment.Merieux would also give you the protection against Rabies; I don’t see any benefit regarding protection form Rabies from this one compared to the other.