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While hooking up with a guy I did not realize

Patient: While hooking up with a guy I did not realize he hadn’t put a condom on. 10 or 20 seconds into it, I realized and made him stop. I thought I was fine because we stopped really early before he finished. I became really paranoid 75 hours later and took a plan B. (Proven to be effective up to 120 hours.. although more risky). Should I be worried? In about 7 hours it will be 5 days since it happened. Should I take ella? Yet that would require a prescription.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to for an opinion,If you have been involved with a partner in unprote cted sex 5 days back and before he could ejaculate or even pre-cum , you stopped. This in fact decreases your chances of pregnancy as there has been no ejaculation involved. Then you have offered yourself a double protection with a PLAN-B after 75 hrs which though have to be taken before 72 hrs for maximum effect but it is indeed effective for 120 hrs.Ella would not be required in this case as the surety of chances of pregnancy are very less in this case. It is suggested that as it has been 2nd day post-pill intake, ideally the withdrawal bleed should occur between 5-7 days post-pill intake, so you should wait for the withdrawal bleed to occur. Stay relaxed and need not use ELLA ( which needs prescription, yes). Stress per se can delay your menses, so try to stay relaxed as the chances are minimal.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards



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Patient: Thank you so much for this. It truly made me feel better. I guess my only concern was pre-cum, because I can’t be positive that he didn’t leak. So definitely no need for ELLA?
Thanks again! Will definitely be more careful next time.

Doctor: Considering the situation i feel plan b shall work and no need for ELLA at present.


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