While playing football my shin took heavy impact from a

Patient: While playing football my shin took heavy impact from a tackle. The impacted area immediately swelled up and was extremely painful to walk. 4 days on after icing etc it’s still very swollen, it’s spongey and stuff to touch, and the bruising is all different colours. Purple, reddish, yellow and green. Is it a hematoma? Shall I get it checked?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.What you have is most likely a bruise that has become filled with blood that did not cl ear from the body. A bruise occurs when there is a injury to the blood vessels. This causes bleeding into the skin which does not clear till blood flow is restarted. This blood stagnates and causes the colour changes that you have described. The colour changes occur when the blood starts to decompose or break down.As long as the pain you are experiencing at the moment is not severe, you do not need to see a Doctor. Give the wound about 1 week to recover and this recovery cause the bruise to fade and eventually disappear.Here are a few things you can do to help with faster healing:Drink lots of waterHave lots of protein through eggs and meatHave a good amount of fruitsHave good green leafy vegetablesYou can consider taking vitamin C to help with healing and immunityIf you get sudden symptoms like severe pain or fever, please see a Doctor or go to the ER.Hope this helps you. All the best.