White coating on vaginal hood and clitoris, itching ,

Patient: White coating on vaginal hood and clitoris , itching , small tears at times along vagina lips and where they meet in the middle above clitoris… Clitorous has rubbery feeling and it seems to be shrinking

White coating on vaginal ho...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and picture.The white coating on the clitoris and vaginal hood, itching and small tears along vaginal lips all indicate towards the fungal infection with super-added bacterial infection. This should be taken as mixed infection.I would advise you the following:Take an opinion of the Gynecologist have clinical evaluation, internal examination, and investigations like blood sugar, and prescribe you proper antibiotics and Metronidazole along with probiotic.Your partner should also be treated if you have one.Clean the area with plain water, tap it dry, apply Liquid povidone iodine locally to make the area sterile and avoid secondary infection.I hope this answer helps you.