White dots under fingernails of my 12 year old daughter

Patient: My 12 year old daughter has white dots underneath her fingernails. What is it and should I be worried?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Thank you for your question. These white dots under the nails is referred to as leukonychia. Leukonychia is a white disc oloration appearing under the nails. It can be associated with a number of conditions however, most commonly it is a benign phenomenon.This is commonly seen in children who have recently undergone treatment with antibiotics, or may have developed low albumin levels due to acute kidney disease. If your daughter is not presenting with any other symptoms, we do not see this to be a cause for concern. If she develops any symptoms such as weakness, flank pain, fatigue, or difficulty urinating, please take her to be evaluated by a doctor in person.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com