White penile discharge indicative of STD

Patient: I had sex with a woman unprotected. this woman isnt random, she is a friend i know and claims she had an std check recently that came out negative. she has been the first girl i had sex with since my break up with my ex for 2 yrs. Anyways, 2 days later i notices a small amount of white discharge inside the tip of my penis. this happened once in the morning and once at night. the next day it disappeared. I went to the doctor and took a urine test that came out negative. any advice to which i might have. please help any info would be great, thank you

Doctor: Whitish discharge form the penis is usually indicative of a sexually transmitted infection. The other symptoms which oft en accompany are burning on passing urine, frequent need to pass urine, rash in the genital area and swollen lymph nodes in the groin. It usually takes two to five days from infection to symptoms. Common practice suggests that people could go in for basic testing for bacterial STDs as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after an exposure – sooner if they have symptoms. If you are not sure of the results, You may get a repeat test done in about a months time. Tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea would be reasonably accurate by then.

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Guest: i need to know any medicine becoz one time a doctor suggested me Candid is this right