White skin blister in scrotum

Patient: Ive notice “dry like blisters” sort of, on the base (lower left portion) of my scrotum. it has a lighter pigment than the rest of the “scrotum skin.” ive searched up genital warts, sores, std’s, hiv’s, EVERYTHING and cant seem to match what i have. a bit worried to know what it is and what has caused it. i started off scratching the area a few months ago to relieve “regular itches” but became a Habit every other night or so. i started noticing “lighter oval like – somewhat shiny” skin that resembles a dry blister but is actually soft. does not hurt or irritate in anyway. if anyone knows whats the cause please let me know. i have no insurance at the moment (age 19) and a bit embarrass to go to a skin doctor. any recommendations?