White spots under the head of penis

Patient: I got white spots under the head of penis . not sure they are penile papules .They are itchless/painlessPIC: http://postimg.org/image/60xzoj3th/same pic other link: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-m2jEpX_yDIA/VPZ7vo3PLzI/AAAAAAAAAMw/g2EcOV_Md30/s320/ppic.jpgI just checked yesterday pulling my foreskin ( Think they were present since long time ) . I am worried if this is some disease . please suggest me best action.Thank you.,

Symptoms: White pimple like spots under penis head

Doctor: Thanks for your question.They may be most likely just blocked oil-secreting glands in the skin.They are not red or itchy are they? If they are then they might be a yeast infection – thrush.If they aren’t and they’ve been there as long as you can remember they are probably just these sebaceous glands – not a disease.Hope this helps.