Whitehead pimples and swollen lips after sex

Patient: About 2 days after oral sex i developed whitehead pimples on my face. I have not had any blistering of the lips. The pimples were not very painful and did not itch. I also (after protected intercourse) developed small red bumps in my pubic hair region and lower part of my stomach. These do not have whiteheads. I went to a doctor (I live in Poland, but i am American) and she didn’t seem concerned by it too much and prescibed me a drug (1 pill every evening) called TELFEXO (fexofenadine hyrdochloride). The pimples have dried and crusted and seem to be very slowly going away, but now I have a swollen right upper lip (moderately) and lower lip. There are no blisters, sores, or pimples on the lips themselves. The red bumps on the other parts of my body have not gone away, but have not worsened and are generally unnoticeable and without pain. In regards to my partner we did engage in massage with baby oil. My genitals are fine. What is this and why is my lip swollen? Thanks.