Who is the father of the baby

Patient: I had sex may 23 with an ex and got my period may 29. I had sex throughout June with my boyfriend and found out June 30 I was pregnant. I’m trying to see who the father is?

Doctor: It is unlikely that you could have conceived in May especially since you got a period in May. However it really difficu lt to say that for sure. If you are having doubts about the paternity of the child, it is a serious issue as it concerns the social, emotional and physical well-being of the yet to be born child. Both of you can seek to meet a counselor and he/ she may be able to explain to you the options of paternity testing. Paternity testing is the best option to avoid any emotional or legal issues in the future.Postnatal testing, i.e. testing after a child’s birth, is done through an umbilical cord blood collection at the time of delivery or a sample collected at a lab after the baby is released from the hospital. Either a buccal (cheek swab) or a blood collection can be performed. Various prenatal options are available as well such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus biopsy that involves taking a sample of the baby’s waters or early placental tissue for DNA testing. You can also opt for a non invasive of prenatal paternal diagnois test. The process is fairly accurate and is based on methods of preserving and analyzing the baby’s DNA found naturally in the mother’s bloodstream. This test requires only a simple blood collection from the mother and alleged father and can be performed any time after the 8th week of pregnancy.It is admittedly a tough decision to initiate paternity testing. However determining the correct paternity might just save the child from unnecessary emotional and social trauma in the future.