Why am i bleeding still

Patient: Hi my name is ruth..my lmp was the 4th january and had a bleeding again on the 30th january that just lasted for two days then suddenly stopped well about an hour ago im bleeding again i have never experienced this before am i pregnant

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryConsidering your age and bleeding pattern, it could be due to causes like fibroids, adenomy osis, endometrial hyperplasia, pill side effects and hormonal imbalances, and a perimenopausal bleeding. Pregnancy may also be a possibility but unlikely. You must consult a gynecologist for an examination and investigations like blood, urine, liver and kidney function test.Also, an ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis needs to be done. If it is a fibroid , hormone therapy or surgical removal may be options. The doctor may wish to put you on medicines which stop bleeding immediately. A pregnancy test may be done to rule out the sameHope this helpedRegards