Why am i having shrinking erections as I age

Patient: This is a very embarrassing qsuestion, but I’m very sincere in asking. I’m a 51 YO healthy Caucasian male. Over the past year I’ve lost almost 2 inches off my erect penis. I’m about 5’10 and stocky / muscular and weigh close to 230 lbs. . The tissue area above my penis (the pubus?) has expanded about 10-15% over the past year. I’ve been taking Cialis over the past couple of years to help sustain an erection. I also take Melatonin on a very regular basis.I’ve heard that gaining weight causing the pubus region to expand can reduce an erection.Does a man normally lose inches off their erection as they age?What type of doctor would I see if I needed to be examined?

Doctor: Erectile dysfunction may be a function of age above 60 years, but age related muscle atrophy may cause one to lose lean body mass throughout ones body. Penis is also a muscular structure. Gaining weight deranges the metabolism and affects all organs of the body. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body mass index are highly rewarding in itself. Your family physician may be able to help you in this, and if required, may refer you to a specialist.