Why am I so thirsty even though I’m being healthy?

Patient: I recently started eating Paleo diet and exercising A LOT., 5-6 days a week with a personal trainer. I am about 120lb overweight. I am on fish oil, multivitamin, Buspar, sertraline, and vitamin d3 (2000units daily). I have PCOS. And diabetes runs in family. I am pre-diabetic. I have noticed that I am very thirsty but I drink a lot of water. My mouth just always feels dry and I want to constantly drink water. Could it be from the change to so much exercise? I have also lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks.

Symptoms: Dry mouth/cotton mouth, thirsty

Doctor: Hellothank you for posting your query to ATDyour efforts of reducing weight and staying fit are admirable.the thi ng which is bothering you that you feel thirsty all the time,the possibility of having so may be associated with onset of diabetes because polydypsia ( more Thirst), polyurea ( more urination)and polyphagia (more carving for food) are symptoms of diabetes. rapid loss of weight is also a sign of diabetes. i don’t underestimate your efforts.you are a pre diabetic and having family history of diabetes and even pre diabetic conditions may also show such symptoms.hence you are advised to consult your doctor who may investigate you to confirm diabetes by doing tests like Blood Sugar and Hb1ac. your doctor may start anti diabetic treatment in pre diabetic stage itself.another possibility of having thirty feeling all the time may be because of uncommon side effects of antidepressants you are taking particularly Buspar. you are advised to discuss this with your doctor and request him to change the regimen.