Why am I still spotting?

Patient: Hello, I recently had an abortion using misoprostol and I had forgotten to take contraception that sunday after it came out as I was told to. and im still lighly spotting why is that. I recently started birth control pills for five days now and still spotting how long does the spottimg last ( had the abortion January 2015 took the pill on the 2 of jan 2015 it came out the next morning)

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryThe spotting will last for a week or so, you have been spotting for a longer time.There mus t be some products of conception still left behind suggestive of an incomplete abortion. Kindly consult your doctor and get a check scan done to confirm the same. You may need another course of misoprostol or aD and C in case of any retained productsHope this helpedRegards