Why am I sweating so much when everyone else in the same room is not?

Patient: I was a pro female soccer player till rhe age of 25, since i still run between 4 to 8 miles every other day, unitll 3 months ago i barely broke a sweat, 3 months ago i started sweating so ridiculously that my bosses have asked me repeaditly whats wrong, and i have no answer, i had blood work done last year and was squeeky clean, but now i walk outside in the summer heat and with in 3 mins the sweat from my face has consumed my eyes, i sweat mainly from my face back and chest not my underarms or palms, i did some research and heard about freys syndrome, i did have facial recunstructive surgery 5 years ago due to a fracture of my zyggomatic arch, and as a result of my surgerys i was put on suboxone to ween me off the pain med, i dont know if thats relavant, all i know is something is very wrong, how can i run 15 miles last year in a day, and this year just go to bed and wake up completly soked in sweat? please help

Doctor: Frey’s syndrome is a condition wherein redness and sweating on the cheek area near the ear appears after a person is exp xposed to conditions associated with salivation (eating, dreams, thinking certain kinds of food, etc). This can be diagnosed when the said area will appear red and sweat heavily after eating a lemon wedge (or something as equally sour). I highly suspect you do not have this condition. Sweating is also a known adverse event of Suboxone so make sure you mention this to your doctor. I am more convinced you have hyperhidrosis (increased sweating). There are a number of causes for this: anxiety disorders, spinal cord problems, hormonal problems (e.g. overactive thyroid), to name a few. It is very likely there is an underlying condition causing this so I would suggest see your doctor again. Your blood tests were normal last year probably because you have not developed the condition yet. I am suspecting you have an overactive thyroid since heat intolerance is a common symptom. In heat intolerance, one may feel hot or sweat heavily even when everyone else in the same room does not. I do hope you will see your doctor as soon as possible so the cause of your hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating) can be identified and intervened accordingly. I hope this helps and I wish you well always.