Why can’t I lose weight?

Patient: I wake up then go for my morning run. Idk if i should eat breakfast before or after the run.(tell me which is better please.) I need a diet plan for extreme weight loss.Weight:210Height: 5’8I have many different sports my entire life. My physique however is not how I want it. So if you guys could tell me a good diet plan or some keys to weight loss that would be great.

Doctor: Thank you for question. We would suggest that you consult a personal trainer and dietitian who can create a workout and diet plan personally suited for your needs. It is difficult to arbitrarily give you a plan based on your height and weight alone. A personal trainer and dietitian will get to know your detailed history of daily activities, and design a plan based on your specific goals. We wish you all the very best in losing weight. Feel free to consult us anytime if you have any medical concerns.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com