Why Did My Knee Give Out?

Patient: Why did my knee give out? I was at home sleeping and my mom called me down stairs. I woke up and stood up and instantly fell because my left knee just gave out. My mom heard me fall so she came and helped me up and then I trued to walk again and fell once again. Again, she helped and I fell down again. I laid down for a minute then got back up and was perfectly fine. What was this? There is no pain to my knee it just feels almost as if the muscles in my knee are really tight. The doctor gave me a brace and said ti wear it for a week and eliminate all physical activity. He took x-rays and said nothing looked wrong at all. So, what exactly happened?

Symptoms: Knee collapsed

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that while you were sleeping you occluded the circulation of blood to your l eg resulting in temporary paralysis of the muscles. This would have lead to your knee giving out when you suddenly got up out of bed. You may have hyperextended your knee while you had these falls, hence as a protective measure your doctor prescribed wearing a brace to help your knee. The fact that you regained full function of your leg after some time is a good sign. It is possible that this is an isolated incident, and you will likely not have any complications.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com