Why do I feel the need to urinate so often and painfully?

Patient: Whats wrong with me? I’m experiencing pain when passing urine, and feel the need to go frequently, even when I’ve just been and when i don’t need to go i feel like i need to. i’m male 19 years old, and I’ve had loads of tests done – all the obvious – STI and STD and HIV all clear – kidney stones – all clear – diabetes all clear – blood pressure is normal, please help me, I’m desperate and my doctor simply says she doesn’t know what it is.

Doctor: There are a few other conditions that could explain your symptoms. You may have an overactive bladder. In this condition , the bladder muscles are hyperactive and contract frequently creating an urge to urinate as well as increased frequency of urination. Some persons may even experience incontinence. Another possibility that may explain your symptoms is Diabetes Insipidus. In this condition, the body does not respond as it should to certain hormones resulting in increased frequency of urination and increased thirst.You should discuss these two conditions with your doctor so that she may other the appropriate test to rule them out.