Why do I get dizzy extremely quickly when running?

Patient: Why am I low on energy and get dizzy extremely quickly when running?I’m thin and I feel like I’m going to faint after 5 minutes of playing soccer.It’s been like this for 2 years now.It’s not like that always(sometimes I can run normally for a long time),but most of the time I get dizzy after 2-3 minutesI had blood work done a year ago and had high blood sugar(but insulin regulated blood fine)

Symptoms: dizzyness,lightheadednes

Doctor: There are a number of causes for dizziness on exertion or exercise. We will try to list a few of these cause that may a pply to your personal situation. Commonly, dizziness during aerobic exercise such as running can be due to inadequate pre-workout nutrition and hydration. Try to have some fruit like an apple and drink about 250ml of water before your run. Secondly, you should try to focus on breathing while running. A common mistake runners make is to not breath adequately while running, this leads to hypoxemia which commonly manifests as dizziness. Thirdly, your blood sugar levels may be a source of your dizziness during exercise. Perhaps your blood sugar levels drop too low during your run, thereby manifesting as dizziness. Please have your doctor evaluate you once more for Diabetes and whether you require insulin any longer. Lastly, dizziness during exercise can be a symptom of an underlying problem with the heart, such as problems with the valves, like aortic stenosis. This is something that can be diagnosed by a thorough physical exam by your doctor. We recommend that you refrain from running until you are seen by your physician as you may have an episode while running, which can result in serious bodily injury, like falling and hitting your head on the pavement. Take every precaution for your safety first, and once you are cleared medically, you can get back to your daily exercise routine.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com