Why do I get yeast infections after a pap smear

Patient: Why is it every time I have a pap smear done I get a yeast infection, I don’t have one before the test. I am tired of getting a yeast infection ( to the point of just not having the pap smear done) due to this problem of every time I have the test done.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. During routine pap smears, visual inspection of the cervix is also conducted. In order to d o this, a solution of acetic acid is applied to the cervix in order to visualize any changes in the cervical epithelium. It is possible that the application of this solution is disrupting the natural pH of your vaginal canal, thereby causing you to have recurring yeast infections. We recommend that you address this with your gynaecologist at your next visit to see if there can be an alternative method for your examination. We do not recommend that you stop having pap smears they are very important in the early detection of changes in cervical epithelium which can lead to cervical cancer.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com