Why Do I Have A Loss of Appetite??

Patient: I’m just wondering why lately the past few months I have no appetite whatsoever. My body never tells me “I’m hungry” anymore. I can hear grumbles in my stomach, but I don’t feel hunger pain, like I used to. In the past, if I didn’t eat every 3 hours or so, I would have an extreme empty stomach and I would need to eat right away because of my hunger pains. But now I don’t have ANY urge to eat, I can easily go days without eating but I try to force myself to have at least one meal a day. Please know that I have NO body issues whatsoever. I have always been satisfied with my weight/appearance so this is not a self image issue. I do not intend to lose weight on purpose, it’s just falling off ! I am 5’10 20yrs old and I used to maintain the weight of 160-165lbs now I weigh around 135-140lbs. I’ve been doing research seeing other people’s symptoms and have seen mine relate to symptoms of lack of appetite, extreme fatigue, headaches, so my question is, is my body starting to get malnourished?? I am hesitant to bring this up to my primary doctor because I don’t want her to think I am purposefully doing this to myself to lose weight, she is very judgmental. What are some tips to get myself back on track to eating normally?? It’s getting out of hand that I need to force myself to eat, even fighting the urge to gag when I eat. I’d like to add that I LOVE FOOD! I’ve always loved food and have never had problems eating before, I want to get back to enjoying my for instead of forcing it. Once again, this is NOT an eating disorder! Thanks for your time.

Symptoms: Weight loss, headaches, fatigue, nauseousness