Why do i have nausea when I have a bladder infection?

Patient: Hi. firstly I have had a big stress factor in the last couple days. I noticed this morning that I have a bladder infection. I have had this before and still have some anti-biotics from the last time so I took one this morning, with some vitamin c. The difference with this time is that I feel very nauseated. I try to vomit but nothing comes out. My lower back does kind of hurt. I was wondering if I should just continue with anti-biotics till tomorrow and see if the nausea goes away, or should I go see a doctor right away?

Symptoms: Bladder infection with persistent nausea

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.The nausea is not because of Bladder infection.You are getting nausea from the anti biotics you are taking.Stopping the antibiotics is not a good idea.As the infection has to be treated so you need to take antibiotics.I would advise in such scenario to take a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone.This combination helps a lot in controlling nausea caused by antibiotics.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.