Why does it hurt when I pee?

Patient: I have been urinating frequently for a bout a week now, I fell like i have to go every minute. When I do urinate i’m not bleeding like im going through my cycle but there is a tent of blood and it hurts when i urinate and just throughout the day.Could this be a kidney stone,sists on my ovaries, or a urinary infection? Please help.

Doctor: Burning sensation upon peeing and presence of blood in urine are symptoms of urethritis (inflammed urethra – passageway y of urine). If you are sexually active, it is very important to wash your genitalia right after sexual intercourse. The reason for this is exchange of fluids happen during sex. Resident bacteria (harmless bacteria) are present in the male and female urethra. However, the bacteria in males are a different species than that in the female. Hence, it can cause infection. Also, trauma to the urethra can happen, more so if the sex is wild (since the urethra is very close to the vagina). Therefore, washing the genitalia after sex usually prevents urethritis. In your case, try drinking lots of cranberry juice. It has an effect of detaching the bacteria from the urethra. However, I strongly suggest for you to see a doctor since a urine test, and probably antibiotics, may be needed. Do not take this condition lightly because if it is left untreated, it can potentially invade upstream (urinary bladder up to the kidney) or the blood. It is unlikely it is a kidney stone because if kidney stones do pass successfully from the kidneys to urethra, there will be excruciating pain during its passage and relief once it has passed. Presence of kidney stones, however, makes a person more prone to develop urinary tract infections. If you are not sexually active, poor hygiene and low water intake can also predispose to urinary tract infections. It is also advisable to change pantyliners, pads or tampons at least every 12 hours to decrease the risk of urinary tract infections. I do hope this helps.