Why does my knee do this?!?

Patient: Ok so about two months ago I was trying to do a ball walkover in my backyard, and when i tries to kick over I got the wind knocked out of me and my knee and upper calf started to hurt really bad, I I thought maybe I just pulled a muscle really bad but then it wouldn’t go away . I had to limp around for a week before it started to feel a little better a I couldn’t bend my knee a lot or squat or even walk up the stairs very good because it hurt nd also everytime I would bend my knee it would make a popping cracking noise and I could feel it on my knee. I never went to the doctor because I just thought it was no big deal but now it is two months later and still everyone I bend my knee it cracks and makes a popping noise and everytime I squat it still hurts jut a tiny bit behind my knee on my upper calf and I have been wondering what this is and why it still does this for a while, I would go to the doctor now but I’m not sure if I am just making a big deal out of it or not , so I would really live to know why my knee does this