Why does my urine have a bad smellMy urine has

Patient: Why does my urine have a bad smell.My urine has a terrible smell, like musty smell. It smells like the old folks pee who are bed ridden

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your history of terrible musty like smell to your urine or just like the smell of th e urine of the bedridden old patients.The reasons are as follows:DehydrationBladder InfectionUrinary Tract InfectionCertain foods may make your urine smell strong.DiabetesI would advise you the following:Send the sample of urine for testing- Routine, Microscopy, culture and sensitivity and blood.Take plenty of water orally and see if this helps remove the odor.Get started with antibiotic if you have associated symptoms of frequency, burning, fever, chills etc.I hope this answer helps you.