Why has my friend got Mild Neutropenia ?

Patient: Dear Doctor”, a male friend of mine had sex {unprotected} with a 60 year woman about 1 year ago (December 2013} and now the woman has had a full blood exam. Her blood count is all normal except for her Neutrophils. Doctor said Mild Neutropenia. Here are the dates and readings of Neutrophils and all other White Blood Cells were OK, 10/02/2013 Neutrophils 1.4, 06/05/2013 Neutrophils 2.1, 14/08/2014 Neutrophils 1.4, 07/10/2014 Neutrophils 1.2 all other reading within limitsEDIT:10/02/13 Lymphocytes 2.0, 06/05/13 Lymphocytes 1.8, 14/08/14 Lymphocytes 1.4, 07/10/14 Lymphocytes 1.2 Lymphocyte Ref Range is 1.0- 4.0and Neutrophil Ref Range is 2.0-8.0. After 06/05/13 Lymphocytes and Neutrophils have decreased. WCC is 10/02/13 4.1 , 06/05/13 4.7, 14/08/14 3.4, 07/10/14 3.3. I have read on medical websites that if you have: Let’s say you have abnormally elevated levels of neutrophils (e.g., 80%) and low levels of lymphocytes (e.g., 10%), this is a strong indication that you have a bacterial infection. On the other hand, if you have low levels of neutrophils (30%) and high levels of lymphocytes (60%), this is a sign that you have a viral infection. You should ask your doctor about your white blood cell differential, as it may tell you whether you have a bacterial infection or a viral infection. My question is since STD’s are either Viral or Bacterial, the low Neutrophil, Lymphocytes and WCC does not fit the criteria of STD’s and even PID would show an elevated WBC. I hope you can help me with this, regards Peter

Symptoms: Mild Neutropenia